Micro loans or SMS loans – Micro loans / SMS loans

When talking about the smaller loans available in the market, two words are often used to describe these and these are micro loans and SMS loans. What is the difference really?

The short answer is that there is no major difference if you see how the words are used. But if you look at it a little more closely, there are clear differences.

SMS loan


The word SMS loan is probably the most common, and this is probably due to the fact that in the beginning it was very often the mobile phone and then via SMS that applications were sent. Then it became normal to call these small loans for SMS loans. Nowadays, however, it works a little differently normally, but the word has still kept going.

Because if you look at that word carefully, it indicates that an SMS should be involved in some way, which it is often no longer. Nowadays, the vast majority of applications are submitted via the Internet, and this with an application code has largely disappeared, which we think is very positive.

Often quick to get the money

hus, the word SMS loan does not really fit anymore and that is the line we have gone on here on the site. We therefore think the word micro-loan is a better fit, since it actually only says that it is a small loan. If you compare with the word fast loan, which is also sometimes used, it will also be wrong. Of course, it is often quick to get the money into the account, but it is not always possible to go very fast, for example, lenders may not advertise the speed anymore.



So we have chosen to use the word micro-loan most often on this page, then the word SMS loan is included in some places as it is so common that the word is used. It is important for us to find a good mix between what is “right” and what our visitors expect to find. We hope that there are no problems for our visitors as we try to be clear all the time