SMS Fast Loan

SMS money lends money in the form of micro loans where you can borrow up to SEK 10,000 directly the first time you borrow. Previously, there was a rule that said new customers could not borrow their largest amount, but this is now removed. Applications for these loans can be made either via the web, by calling SMS money or using the mobile phone. If you choose the option where the application is submitted with your mobile, it will be an SMS loan.

Conditions for borrowing money from SMS money


SMS money does not set any major requirements for you to be able to apply for a loan and have a chance to be accepted. This applies to their micro loans ie. In principle, it is only required that you are of legal age and have a mobile phone number. They even approve applications from people who have payment remarks.

Then, of course, they do not accept applications from anyone who wants to borrow money, but a credit check is performed. This will give a rating that they then decide on if it is good enough to borrow.

When it comes to the larger credit that SMS money can get, there are some more set rules for who can borrow. It requires a borrower between 20 and 60 years. Has an annual income of at least SEK 180,000 and has been registered in Sweden for the past two years. Here, too, there are no rules that say that you cannot borrow if you have payment notes, so if the economy is otherwise under good control you can borrow.

SMS money offers the following types of loans:


Direct link to SMS money

Below you will find a link that goes directly to SMS Money’s website. There you can find exact information about exactly this lender’s various services. If you want to borrow money, this is also the way to go.