The loan intermediaries are doing well

Working as a loan broker seems to be a good area. This is to be believed that Good Finance is a good representation of this industry.

Profit of 5.2 million

For the first 18 months they have made strong progress and have had around 55,000 customers, which is about 100 per day for 18 months. After all, a profit of 5.2 million is not so bad.

What is interesting is that loan brokers seem to be on the way. The whole thing is that you only apply for a loan in one place and then you get suggestions from several lenders, after all, feels like a generally good idea.

Company is moving forward

I am therefore pleased that this type of company is moving forward. I myself have had a decent look at this market for the last 5 years and I really feel that it happens a lot. From the beginning, it felt like Vendo and Good Finance were the alternatives. But now there are probably five more actors working in this way.

One thing that is mentioned in the article about Good Finance is that most lenders cooperate with them but that Nordea, Honest Bank and Cooperative Bank do not want to work with loan intermediaries. Something that is good to know when submitting an application. Advise themselves that these banks will soon work with loan brokers.

Now, of course, it is obvious that Good Finance would like to do so, and so they obviously choose to believe that it will be so. But I have to agree with this as well, since it doesn’t feel so smart of them not to be.

Use loan brokers to get the lowest prices

Since more people use loan brokers to get the lowest prices, they risk losing many customers, which in the end is lost income.

If you want to read the article about Good Finance yourself, you can do so.