Loans without credit information

One thing we should first of all make clear is that there are not really any lenders who lend money without doing a credit check first. What can differentiate is how exactly this test is performed and what rules apply to being approved.

Credit check


Because it was quite common for there to be lenders dealing with micro loans that did not really do any credit check. However, these lenders have suffered so much criticism that they no longer act in this way. That being said, there are still lenders who do not carry out credit checks where there are directly tough requirements with it being another matter.

Borrowed money


Actually, you should not see it as something negative that a credit check is performed on you when you borrow money. The credit information is available to ensure for the lender that they can get back their borrowed money which also means that a check of your finances is carried out.

This check also gives you a similar response that the lender gets. If the lender would then consider that you do not have enough money to borrow, this is a sign that your finances are not good enough to borrow. Borrowing if the economy does not exist is generally very bad as the problems with high probability will be hoped for in the near future.

Not GF

Not GF

GF is owned by some of the big banks and these of course also use them for their credit information. Furthermore, there are a number of other lenders who take their credit information from GF. However, there are several other players in the market who deal with credit information and the results may be slightly different depending on who is performing it. For example, hardly any of the companies that lend money in the form of GF micro loans use their information.