Bank loans in Italy

Access to credit in Italy is at risk with increasingly bad bank loans . The BBG investigates the case , the European Central Bank that has its eye on the banking institutions on which the largest quantity of impaired loans weighs, within the confines of the boot. There are six in total and these include the names of Siena Bank, Banco Popolare, Milano Bank, Romina Banka, Banca Carige and finally SpareCredit.

Plus sign for the bank suffering in the boot

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The investigation in question is entirely cognitive and aims to verify the level of bank bad debts , as well as the strategies and management policies adopted for this year by institutions under the lens. According to the recent disclosure by the ABI, bank bad loans will return to pre-crisis levels in 2017 .

But it does not end here because under the microscope of the European Central Bank, other 37 banking institutions, the so-called BCCs , the Cooperative Credit Banks , are being reviewed among the 368 that boast a rather high stock of impaired loans which in percentage terms stands at 20 percent.

The Peter Funds deteriorated in the Belpaese, the case of the BCCs

Looking at the 2014 balance sheets, among the Cooperative Credit Banks , those that show the worst performance are: the rural artisan Fund with 37.9% of bank bad debts so much that it was absorbed by another bank, the Fillato Bank . The Terrano Bank has a level of non-performing bank loans of 32.9%.

The Cassa Bank and the Mori Bank are somewhat lower on the scale, as they tend to move almost in parallel: their level of bank bad debts stands at 26.35% and 26.2% respectively. In sixth place, the Pastori Bank positions non-performing loans at 25.7 percent. While it falls a little, winning the last place in the ranking is the CoopCredit Bank which touches 25.6%.

According to press rumors, all these banks will be absorbed by the Cooperative Credit Bank.

Italy is currently the European country with the highest level of bank bad debts, standing at over 350 billion euros. In percentage terms, we talk about 16.7% of the loans.

Bank failures in Italy, the prospects of institutions

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All banking institutions in the Cyclone’s eye published press releases with all the planning of activities planned for 2016. They also took care to carry out an assessment of bank bad debts as well as an in-depth analysis of strategies, management and processes to be adopted in respect of non-performing Peter Funds.