How does mortgage loan settlement work?

Unfortunately, all types of loans mean that an interest rate must be paid. This is a sad truth but there is actually a positive thing that you often do not think of directly and that is that 30% of interest costs are then recovered.

Receive full payments every month of the loan


If you do nothing about it, you will receive full payments every month of the loan. Then, at the declaration, you will get back 30% of interest costs. However, there is an option for you who want to pay a little less amount each month. It is to make a smoothing of your mortgage.

Mortgage loans


In short, this means that you submit a form to the Good Finance Corporation, where you fill in your salary, but also how much you pay in interest each year for your mortgage loans. When this form is submitted to the Good Finance Corporation, they will make a decision that means that the 30% to be repaid by your interest costs now instead is “repaid” by paying less tax each month.

Pays you more money out of your salary each month


This decision should then be given to your employer who simply pays you more money out of your salary each month when a smaller portion should go to tax. So instead of lending money to the state, you have to keep the money directly. The disadvantage is that you do not receive any nice tax refund in the same way as the money is already deducted.

If you want to settle your mortgage, it is the Good Finance Corporation that you should turn to. There you will find, for example, the form to use. At the moment it is called GFIC and you follow the link here before you come directly to it. Via the Good Finance Corporation you can also find more information about just equalization. Should it also be that you have some additional questions on this topic, it is precisely the Good Finance Corporation that can answer in the best way.

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