Loan for independent stuck against credit for person

It implements its expertise in credit management for individuals in debt distress, late payment and filed as litigation credits at the Good Finance. Our mission is to examine their borrowing capacity so that they can once again reach credit, from the sources of loans in the recovery and refinancing of loans in litigation. Good Lender offers solutions.

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You thought it was unrealistic to find a credit agency for anyone? Good Finance. be proves the opposite with the help of his loan not closed to litigation. You are not mistaken, to present a arrears of payment or to be the object of a report with the file of the Central of Credits to individuals to the Good Finance, constitutes a brake to the obtaining of a new credit .

Authorized to offer 


However, it is not inconceivable to find a credit agency for anyone stuck. As a broker, at Good Finance, we are authorized to offer you this type of loan, whether you have a long-term registration, or that it is current and recent. For you a new financial start, built on healthy foundations, invest in a project for the future and provider of income, but especially to turn the page of your past worries, take advantage of the recovery of credits at the base of your file, and sometimes the loss of your means of payment.

When will the ban on a new credit be lifted? You can ask yourself “How to get away from the Honest Bank? “Or also” How to get a loan when one is stuck at the Honest Bank? “Well, once you’ve settled your loans, you’ll feel like you’re ready to apply for a loan or get a new credit card. After the regularization of your situation, your data will be kept for another year on the obscure list but this will not deprive you to enjoy a new credit. However, a lender can take this into account when evaluating your loan application.

If you do not manage to repay your debts within the year, you will remain on the obscure listing for a period of 10 years after the date of the first nature of payment. since you will regularize your situation, even if it is after more than 1 year, you will be able to borrow again but will stay on the summary obscure.It is therefore important to pay your debts as soon as possible, to be able to make a clean sweep and start dreaming again and realize projects.

Obligation to register each of your loans

Obligation to register each of your loans

Posted to the Good Finance, can I have a loan? Banks and lenders have the legal obligation to register each of your loans with the Honest Bank in a file called the ‘central credits’. However, a listing at the Good Finance is called ‘harmful’ when it occurs due to significant delays in one or more credit (s) .These registrations are intended to protect the client against the risk of over-indebtedness. Unfortunately, a “negative” listing in the list of offers still present at the Good Finance means that, in general, it will no longer be possible to take advantage of a new credit.

If you are registered with the Honest Bank in Belgium, any credit application made at Good Finances will be analyzed differently according to the following cases: – The credit has been regularized (that is to say compensated): the file is still a year old (after the repayment date of the credit) at the credit center of the Honest Bank. However, in certain situations, Good Finances will be able to process the file and give it to its partners.

The credit has not been regularized (that is to say compensated) and you are OWNER: there are solutions of centralization of debts with creation of mortgage account. In some cases, which depend mainly on the outstanding amount of outstanding credits and the current value of your property, Good Finances will be able to give the file to its partners. Are you registered and owner? Apply for a loan in case of registration (for owners only).

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